Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Accelerate your app development process with quality assurance and testing services

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

quality assurence service

Our Quality Assurance Services include the entire gamut of tools that are required to deliver high-performance products that can meet-up customer expectation. We ensure that a product is stable and reliable through our overall quality planning, integrated testing, test plans, and methodology development.

bug-free and fully-functional product

A bug-free and fully-functional product require a fully comprehensive mobile app quality assurance. This cannot be achieved through smaller QA cycles, subjectivity, lack of rich test data, improper requirement analysis, and multiple parallel quality initiatives.

quality assurance and testing process

Neuweg’s integrated quality assurance and testing process ensure that a product is thoroughly-tested and market-ready before its launch. With our agile testing process, we test every possible use case and problematic scenarios in the software lifecycle. Our robust quality assurance and testing include manual testing, visual QA, and automated testing on multiple devices, in numerous environments.

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QA and Testing services that focus on improvements

web applicaiton testing

Web Application Testing

Neuweg 360-degree testing lifecycle will ensure that only the quality product is released in the production environment. The web application is tested on all the crucial parameters such as Functionality, Security Performance, Usability etc.

mobile app testing

Mobile App Testing

Our mobile app testing expertise on iPhone, Android, and Windows devices will stress test your next Mobile App is tested from functionality to usability point of view to Performance to Security accepts, so that only high performance and best user experience is delivered.

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on device testing

On Device Testing

Through On-Device Localization Testing service we make sure that there are no broken links or user interface issues (e.g. fonts, line-breaks, layout, etc.) or contextual issues.

automated mobile app testing

Automated Mobile App Testing

This ensures that new product versions do not create new bugs. Automation in quality assurance ensures lesser time to market and tests complex business logic.

visual QA

Visual QA

We use tools such as Selenium, Galen, and Appium to help businesses automate their testing process.

It includes one-command verification of data, layout and other elements, along with multiple platform validation for all web or app visual elements.

user acceptance testing

User Acceptance Testing of Mobile Applications

UAT is actual user testing, hence, makes sure that the product calibrates its performance in a real-world scenario, according to expectations. Our UAT testing tools ensure that a product goes through multiple cycles, on multiple platforms till it satisfies your stringent deadlines.

agile testing process

Agile Testing Process

We use a collaborative approach with defined objectives and shared goals across all teams internally and client-side for improved quality, and user satisfaction. We provide transparent communication with a focus on instant feedback, analysis, and action.

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