Accelerate your app development process with high fidelity and interactive prototypes


We start every project with creating prototypes that feel real, a snippet that works and looks exactly like your app should.

protoype concept

Validation and nail the concept

prototype get valuable feedback

Get valuable feedback

prototype save time and money

Save time and money

prototype better user experrience

Offer a better user experience

prototypes strategic development

Strategic development

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Prototypes that are virtually indistinguishable from the finished products

At Neuweg, we follow the agile methodology, which means prototyping is an integral part of our app development process. By highlighting its benefits in the development cycle with the client, we prevent fatal blunders in the planning, designing, and development of your app. It reduces communication costs as well as trial-and-error as invisible issues come to light more quickly.

protypes wireframing


clickable prototypes

Clickable Prototypes

prototypes graphic mockups

Graphic Mockups

prototypes app work simulation

App Workflow Simulation

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Requirement Gathering
Create mockups and storyboard
Build the Prototype
protoypes requirement gathering

Requirement Gathering

Determining the client’s requirements, defining and formulating it to determine the overall objective.

protoypes mockups and storyboard

Create mockups and storyboard

Visualize the app screens through wireframes and mockups, assemble the mockups into a functional storyboard.

build the prototype

Build the Prototype

Build clickable and high-accuracy wireframe with approximate characteristics of the final product using the best of tools to develop a working prototype

prototypes iteration


Share the fully interactive prototypes with the client that runs on mobile devices allowing you to explore your idea before entering production with our Iterative refinement approach.

Prototype with the best

To make a successful app, you need to build the best user experience possible. App development requires a large investment that’s both costly and time-consuming, make sure you do it right.

By prototyping your idea you can gain a tangible understanding, and often discover challenges that you would never have thought of previously.

future-proof your idear

Future-proof your Idea

Market Research the need for your app within a target audience and find out if it will achieve the business goals and customer loyalty.

reasonable prototyping  pricing

Save on Cost & Time

With our reasonable prototyping pricing, save a lot on your app development budget and time as our analysts will provide you with a perfect picture.

prototype development cycle

Successful Development Cycle

At an early stage make sure that the database design works well, and avoid bottlenecks and implementation issues.

prototypes better communication

Better Communication

With our prototypes, you can communicate your app’s structure, content, data hierarchy, functionality and performance in a better manner.

prototypes on every device

Works on every Device

Our team is adroit in developing prototypes that work well on every device screens be it web or mobile, with animated interactions

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