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After the legalization of medical marijuana in California, patients prescribed with Medical Marijuana were having a hard time to locate government-approved medical dispensaries that are selling the Medical cannabis. Our client wanted to provide a platform to the users who are seeking medical marijuana stores nearby in their location.


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iOS App
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Android App
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  • Meet the guidelines of the App store and Play store for Marijuana/cannabis-based Apps.
  • Segregate the user for app services and meet the government's guidelines for selling/buying medical marijuana products.

The biggest challenge was to make this system live on Apple app store and Google play store. Marijuana is not legal in the complete United States, only a few states allow the use of medicinal cannabis. Due to the stated reason, Apple & Google may reject this system and the client’s whole idea, time and money could go in vain.

weedneed case study


Our team has decided to separate the registration process in two parts according to user type- the recreational user and the medical user. The first step, a background check will be done on user’s documents submitted during the registration process. The second step, after the background check, the client will enable them from admin which will give access to the user to the app's features like locating nearby Medical dispensaries, menu items, and other accessories.The background check includes- Birth date verification, photo identity verification, Recreational Medical Marijuana Certificate, Medical user certificate.

  • We were able to make this app live on the app store and play store
  • User-based started increasing from the first day of launch
  • More dispensaries wanted to register on the WeedNeed Business
  • Revenue is touching the sky for the client as he was expecting



WNGV Group, California

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