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Our client is an online stocks trading expert who has 26 years of trading experience. Now, he wanted to share his knowledge and expertise with the users and educate them about the stock market fluctuations. His motto was to share this information and earn revenue for his services. He was seeking a flawless website and mobiles app to accomplish the same, a platform on which he can share trade alerts within no time and help users to make a big fortune.


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The client came to us with his old system. It was not properly developed and had an unprofessional code level due to which there were many bugs. The client told us that he lost almost 60% users within the 2 months of the launch.

Some of the reported issues were:
  • Trade idea alerts were not reaching the users.
  • Payments were not going during user sign up.
  • Anonymous signups without following payments.
  • Missing alerts sent to users which leads loss to users.
  • No permissions or limitations on the users in the chat room due to which tips shared by admin were getting lost in the middle of lots of text.


After reviewing the old system, we decided to develop a new and upgraded version of Master Trader Alerts. Client’s main concern was to deliver push notification on the web, even when the user is not available on the device. We used one signal third-party system to deliver push notification to the web and we provided a custom chat system with features like- block a user or delete, chat delete and introduced other features as asked by the client. To stop false payment, we introduced Paypal as the payment gateway along with new security parameters for password encryptions & Api’s encryptions. To make sure that user’s don’t miss any updates, we suggested sending text alerts on their mobiles too.

  • The user started getting alerts in no time which increased their profits.
  • The user sign up of the "Master Trader Alerts" Increased.
  • The System became free from spams and payment issues.
  • Client’s Revenue increased.



Artak, California

We thought about this idea long way back and even got the developers locally to do it. The first run was successfull but as we moved ahead, we started facing issues and a lot of glitches with the system. Then I got reference of these guys from one of my friends, as I needed to outsource it outside California, I was not asure about the people who would carry it out. I must say, the way these guys performed their duties with extreme patience levels, has helped me make out millions out of my business idea.

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