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Web Development
We provide custom web development programming services for your business. Our approach is to build innovative and crystal clear development models that will self define the project costs and timelines. With core competency in PHP, MYSQL, ASP.NET, SQL Server, LAMP we are already at the vanguard in web development services.
Mobile App Development
We combine the power of innovative functionality to our clients in order to utilize the technology, deliver business agility and reducing IT costs. Our inventive mobile application solutions transform ideas into realty, create state-of-the-art digital products, and justify clients’ self investment in the mobile space for a next rising business.
SEO/SMO Optimization
We welcome you to experience the trendy scope of Internet Marketing arena. The trends in the internet marketing vary on a periodical basis. Strategies and tactics changing frequently and the competition is also on the rise. A strong search engine position is essential to boost the online sales and continual growth for any company with better visibility.
We provides end-to-end e-Business, B2B and eCommerce solutions for different market verticals to help clients excel in the digital marketplace. The ever-lasting technology and development procedure ensures novel opportunity for businesses to modernize operations, inter business interactions and the order processing mechanism, and others.
Facility Application
Your organization needs seamless management of facility without any error for a transparent start and finish of the day and all solutions in one application. We're helping clients save millions of dollars every year, and we've determined that they want what we want: long-term, mutually beneficial relationships for real results.
ERP Implementations
Our Company is expertise in providing end to end ERP solutions and ERP consultant services for highly automated, computerized and quick transactions throughout the organization. We have excellent team for the custom ERP application development at all the stages to improve the operation efficiently.
CRM Development
We support your application maintenance with a guarantee to make you run your organization up for anytime with our specialized on time and fast maintenance to overcome the comnflict that may appear in an already runnign system all keeping in mind a cost effective solution for the same.
Quality Control
We code the best and provide our services keeping your business running for 24/7/365 with our regular maintenance for the product we deliver. Our delivery for work is rich functionality with highly scalable performance in the field. We maintain quality by regularly updating the product.
Other Core Works
We are well known for various core services for your technology to run smoothly
Code Optimization
Framework Solution
Back-end Support
Server Solution
Our Approach
We follow a guideline knowned globally


We begin identifying the opportunity and create a concept proposal for client's requirement.

Design UI/UX

We convert the detailed requirements into a non-functional appealing interface for a user.

Specialized testing

We demonstrate to prove that current developed system meets the concept requirements.

Project Requirements

We identify and develop user needs and create a detailed functional document.

Code phase

Our technical team codes the reuiqments into an actual functioning project with scalability.

Launch & Maintenance

Finally we launch your product to the real world and serve you the cost effective maintenance.

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- Orlando, United Stated

Extremely patient and talented. I really enjoyed working with Neuweg and highly recommend for your mobile and website development needs for a better future.


- Gothenburg, Sweden

These guys went above and beyond to help me. Easy to communicate with, fast replies and always polite and professional. Will without a doubt use again for upcoming problems.